China Document Legalization from the State of South Carolina

China Document authentication South Carolina.

China Embassy provides expedited China document Legalization for documents designated for use in China that have been issued and certified from the State of South Carolina. Counting on our vast experiences and broad business networks in the Authentication and legalization field, we guarantee to complete the authentication of your document in a matter of a few days while charging the lowest fees in the business. Our specialized customer service team will walk with you step-by-step through all the legal procedures regarding the China Document legalization for your South Carolina-issued certification to obtain the China Embassy and its consulates Legalization in no time and will keep you updated on any changes or possible delays during the process.

China Document Legalization and authentication for South Carolina-issued documents.

China is a non Hague Convention Participant Country; thus, you must obtain an authentication from the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC or Chinese Consulates, to make your certification recognizable over there. The Chinese consulates in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Houston only cover documents originating from particular jurisdictions, while the Chinese embassy in Washington D.C. will authenticate certifications originating from any part of the United States of America. 1. Chinese consulates may have different requirements but all of them require G1 form (Application Form for Authentication or Notarization). This form must be filled and signed by the individual or a person who works for the business requesting the authentication. This person does not have to be the same signer on the document, but must be working at the same company. The G1 form signer must also submit a copy of his picture ID. 2. You must present photocopies of any documents being submitted. 3. Unless you have an original certification/document issued and certified by a state/federal/local official such as; Birth Certificate and death decrees, all documents have to be notarized before a commissioned notary public in the state. Must show that the notary’s commission will not expire in less than 6 months. (This prevents the notary commission from expiring before the document arrives in China.) The notary must include a jurat statement, for example “signed and sworn before me'', ''notary `` on''date ``. 4. Send your document to the South Carolina Secretary of State (except for federally-issued records.) 5. Send your document to the U.S. Department of State in Washington DC. 6. Finally, obtain China Document legalization by sending your document to the Chinese embassy in Washington D.C. Or to a Chinese Consulate. To figure out which Chinese consulate you should send your document to, please check this table that shows the territories, the states contained within, and the location of the consulates or embassy. For the South Carolina-issued documents, you should send your certification to the Consulate of China in Houston.

Types of document to be submitted to obtain China Document Legalization.

Certified company documents from the state; MUST BE ORIGINAL
A photocopy may be accepted for notarized company documents
Documents that have been issued by a federal entity MUST BE ORIGINAL certified copies.
Certificate to Foreign Government (CFG).
Articles of Organization
Copy of Articles of Organization
Certificate of Environmental Protection Agency
Board Resolution
Copy of Certificate of existence
Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products. (CPP)
Agency Agreement
Agency Agreement
Export Certificate for Animal Products
Articles of Incorporation
Copy of Certificate of Amendment
Certificate of Exportability.
Business License
Copy of Certificate of Incumbency
Certified copy of Naturalization from Homeland Security
Free Sale Certificate issued by the FDA
Certificate of Good Standing
Copy of Certificate of Good Standing
Phytosanitary or Plant Certificate
Patent Assignment
Copy of Patent Assignment
USDA Animal Health Certificate
Business Letter
Business Letter
FBI Background Check
Certificate of Incorporation
Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
USPTO Trademark Certificate
Trademark Assignment
Copy of Trademark Assignment
USPTO Patent Certificate
Certificate of Status
Certificate of Status
Certificate of Merger
Copy of Certificate of Merger
Certificate of existence
Technical Data Sheet
Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney
Certificate of Registration
Copy of Certificate of Registration
Technical Data Sheet
Certificate of Free Sale not Issued By FDA
Distributor Agreement
Distributor Agreement
Company Bylaws
Copy of Company Bylaws
Certificate of Free Sale
Certificate of Analysis
Letter of Authorization
Letter of Authorization
Certificate of Amendment
Copy of Board Resolution
Certificate of Analysis
Copy of an ISO Certificate
Letter of Resignation
Copy of Articles of Incorporation
Certificate of Incumbency
Copy of Business License
Certified Copy of an ISO Certificate
Fill out the China Document Legalization Form on our website.
Ensure that all the required documents to obtain China Embassy Legalization are included.
Please be sure to include a prepaid return shipping label or envelope.

U.S. Legalization provides expedited China Document Legalization services for documents that have been issued in South Carolina, processing time of your document will take only 16 business days from both U.S. Department of State and Embassy of China in Washington D.C. For a fee of $158.00 for the first document and $108.00 for each additional document (price includes all fee).

U.S. Apostille provides expedited services as well for documents that have been issued in one of the following states: Arizona, California, Hawaii, and New Mexico, from the Consulate of China in Los Angeles for a fee of $150.00 for the first document and $100.00 for each additional document.

Notes after Submitting your document to obtain China Document Legalization.

1- After receiving your document, we will email you the invoice and an estimated date of completion.

2- Upon receiving your legalized document from the embassy/consulates of China, the document will be shipped back through FedEx or UPS.

3- Please notice that you must present a legitimate and authentic document, as the Chinese embassy/consulate will not certify any document that does not meet the required authentication process.